Kasa Matter smart light switch works with all home hubs

The Kasa smart light switch from TP-Link is Matter-certified, compatible with all smartphone operating systems and smart hubs, and operates over your home Wi-Fi.

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A smart light switch operates on your home’s Wi-Fi and replaces your old-school wall light switches. Because it’s connected to the internet, you can control lights and devices remotely using an app or the voice assistant in your smart home hub.

The Kasa Matter-certified smart light switch (model KS205) is universally compatible with all smart home hubs. For those with an Amazon Alexa-based smart home, that means you can tell Alexa to turn lights off and on with devices like the Amazon Echo Show 15 and the Amazon Echo Pop. If you use Google Assistant at home, you can connect your Google Nest Hub Max or Google Nest Hub 7 to gain voice control. And if you operate an Apple HomeKit residence, any HomePod or Apple TV that’s paired with the Kasa smart light switch will give you the same advanced features.

Kasa smart light switch installed on wall

With the Kasa app, you switch lights on or off, set schedules, and monitor the status of any device or light from anywhere in the world. You can also enable “away mode,” which acts as a security feature that randomly switches lights off or on with a timer or schedule so it looks like someone is home.

The Kasa smart light switch fits standard wall plates and requires a neutral wire for installation.


  • Universally compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit
  • Controllable from anywhere with the Kasa app
  • Ability to set schedules and timers
  • Voice control
  • Easy to install


  • Only one user can control the Kasa app

The Kasa smart light switch is on sale for $20 at Amazon