This Kasa smart light bulb is just $8 today

The Kasa KL110 is a dimmable smart light bulb that doesn’t require a hub, connects to your home’s Wi-Fi, and lets you control your lights from anywhere with an app.

Turn on your lights with your voice with this smart light bulb

Most smart bulbs available today require some sort of hub, like Apple TV or an Alexa device, such as the Amazon Echo to work. Kasa knows that not everyone has a smart home hub. The Kasa KL110 is compatible with your smart home hub, but it’s not required. So, if you’re just getting started building out a smart home, this is the best smart bulb for you.

smart light bulb controls on smartphone

Using Kasa’s free app on your smartphone and your home’s Wi-Fi router, you can set customizable schedules, setting your smart bulb up to turn on and off and certain times. You can also make and control scenes, turn lights off and on, and adjust settings right from your phone.

And if you already own a smart home hub, the Kasa smart bulb is compatible with Alexa and Google Home, so you can add this light to any Alexa device or your Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen or Google Nest Hub Max. Using a hub, you can make changes to settings on a larger screen and also call up your smart assistant to turn lights on or dim them.

The Kasa KL110 is a new release from TP-Link, now available as a dimmable white light. It fits all standard A19 sockets and gives off 800 lumens.

Hurry, the Kasa KL110 is only $8 today at Amazon