The best smart devices for dogs

Your dog is an important member of the family. There’s nothing like coming home to the wagging tail of your canine pal, whether you’ve been at work all day or just come inside from getting the mail. These smart devices were made just for dogs and will challenge and reward your best buddy.

two dogs running on beach
Photo credit: Jodi Owan

Best indoor pet cam

Ring indoor camera

This is the latest generation of the Ring Indoor Cam, featuring 1080p HD video and color night vision. It’s motion-activated, works with Amazon Alexa devices, and offers Live View, allowing you to tune in to the action at home whenever you like. With Ring, you’ll get real-time alerts, so you never miss a moment.

The Ring indoor camera can be mounted on a table, wall, or with a swivel mount. It plugs directly into an outlet, so you’ll be up and running in minutes.

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Scannable smart pet tags

HeyBuddy smart dog tags

HeyBuddy dog tags are a clever update to traditional pet ID tags. These tags have scannable GPS coordinates on a QR code on one side and the HeyBuddy logo on the other. You can change the information on the tags online whenever you need to, so you never have to buy new dog tags in the event of a move or change of phone number.

HeyBuddy dog tags store multiple phone numbers, emails, and addresses, plus give real-time notifications when someone scans the QR code and gives you live GPS coordinates to their location and your dog.

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A smart bone

Skymee interactive dog toy

SKYMEE Fury is a smart interactive dog boy that you control via an app. Connecting your smartphone to the Fury Bone over Bluetooth lets you direct the toy to move in nine different directions and at different speeds. You can also program the dog bone to move independently for up to an hour or control it manually.

The Fury Bone is best for dogs under 20 pounds, has sounds you can turn on and off in the app, and is hand washable.

The SKYMEE Fury is on Amazon

Schedule feedings

Roilpet automatic dog feeder

Dogs who eat on a schedule have better appetites and maintain a healthy weight. The Roilpet automatic dog feeder holds six liters of dry dog food. You can control when and how much your dog eats using the free Tuya app for iPhone or Android.

The Roilpet also has a built-in 1080p camera that supports Wi-Fi and two-way audio, so you tell your dog when their food is ready, send a little encouragement throughout the day, or keep them from dining out of the garbage can.

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A pet camera robot

Enabot EBO

The ENABOT EBO SE is a robot on wheels that cruises around your house, interacts with your dog, and captures video while it goes. The wheels run smoothly over hard floors and carpeting, and when it needs a recharge, it automatically returns to its charging station.

The EBO SE’s built-in camera streams live video straight to your phone. You can even program EBO to auto-cruise during specific hours.

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