Amazon Echo Show 8 is on sale this weekend

The all-new Amazon Echo Show 8 has a bright screen, good sound quality, and works with almost every smart home device out there.

Save $60 on the latest Amazon home hub

The Amazon Echo Show 8 is in its third generation and the latest release of the popular smart home speaker/hub. The crisp 8-inch screen is large enough to tune in to a Prime Video show, Netflix movie, stream Hulu, or all your favorite songs.

The Echo Show 8 also makes a reliable home hub, giving you a central place to control and schedule smart bulbs, smart plugs, thermostats, smart door locks, and other smart home devices.

You’ll appreciate the plug-and-play setup if you’re new to Echo devices. Once you’ve registered your Amazon account, you can use the Echo Show to make and take videos, stream media, and even see who’s ringing your Ring smart doorbell.

Amazon Echo Show 8 on desk under smart thermostat

The Echo Show 8 sounds good, all things considered. There’s no Dolby processing, but we bet you won’t notice. This smart home speaker and hub is as solid as it comes and an excellent way to get into the Amazon smart home ecosystem.


  • Easy setup
  • Sounds good
  • Streams audio and video
  • Controls smart home devices with ease
  • Fantastic compatibility


  • Missing Dolby

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