Smart home deal: Cube GPS tracker

Cube is a GPS tracker with a powerful magnetic base that attaches to vehicles, trailers, and anything else made of steel. It allows you to keep an eye on your assets no matter where you are.

Quick take

Cube GPS tracker

Tile Stickers are a fantastic way to find lost remotes and small items you’ve misplaced at home. Apple AirTags and the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag2 help you locate lost wallets, purses, and pets. None of those GPS trackers excel at keeping a watchful eye on large, expensive things, though. For those jobs, you need a Cube GPS Tracker.


  • One-year battery life
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Strong magnetic base
  • Ability to set virtual fences


  • Requires a subscription

The best and worst details in less than a minute

Cube GPS Tracker behind smartphone

The Cube GPS tracker is 5.75 x 2.75 inches, so it’s relatively inconspicuous. With strong magnets built into the backside, it attaches to trailers, vehicles, dog kennels, semis, boats, and anything else made of steel.

The rechargeable battery in the Cube lasts an entire year, so you never have to worry about recharging on the regular.

You can set up Geo Fences around your property with the Cube, and you’ll be instantly alerted when your car, truck, or other tracked item leaves that area. Reporting is instantaneous and works with all Android and iOS smartphones.

You will need to invest in a subscription plan, and that’s really the only downside. If you’re tracking expensive items, though, it’s worth every penny. Data plans run $19.95/month or $16.50 if you pay for a year of service in advance. You can start, pause, and stop your subscription at any time.

Is the Cube GPS tracker right for you?

If you’re monitoring the location of pricey items, like vehicles, RVs, and boats, you want the Cube. If you need to keep track of your purse, wallet, or bookbag, there are cheaper options.

Get the Cube GPS tracker at a discount and pay just $75 right now.