The all-new Blink Mini 2 is out

The always-popular Blink Mini, loved for its affordability and reliability, has now been replaced by the all-new Blink Mini 2. You’ll love the low price and the bump in features.

Now with a built-in spotlight

The original Blink Mini is beloved for its low price and versatility. The all-new Blink Mini 2 builds on all the features you enjoyed in the original and tacks on a built-in spotlight, improved Night Vision, and the ability to use this security camera indoors and outside.

Blink Mini 2 on table

The Blink Mini 2 comes complete with a mounting bracket and all the necessary hardware to mount it on an interior or exterior wall. You can also place it on a desk, nightstand, entertainment center, nursery, or wherever you need an extra set of eyes. A swivel mount comes with the package, so you’re set, no matter where you want your indoor/outdoor security camera to go.

Like its predecessor, the Blink Mini 2 has a no-hassle installation that’s no more complicated than scanning a QR code with your smartphone and configuring your settings. The entire process takes about 10 minutes.

Blink Mini 2 on outside brick wall

Unlike the last-generation Blink Mini, the newest iteration can serve as an indoor or outdoor security camera. If you buy this Blink Mini 2 bundle, the waterproof power adapter is included. If not, you’ll need to shell out another $10 for an upgraded cable that’s weatherproof.

How are the specs? This indoor/outdoor security camera records in 1080p, zooms in and out, and has a sensor that brightens dark rooms, giving you a nice, clear look day or night.

This new model also features Person Detection. With that new feature, you’ll only get alerts when a person is detected, and it will ignore bushes blowing in the breeze or your cat strutting through the living room. Also new this go-round, a built-in spotlight, which gives you a clearer look at things after dark and can help scare off would-be prowlers and animals.

person monitoring Blink Mini 2 footage on smartphone

Changing settings and viewing recorded and live footage is a cinch, whether you’re using a smartphone and the free app or an Amazon device like the Amazon Echo Show 15 or the Amazon Echo Show 8.

A subscription is not required, though investing in one will give you access to live video recording, recorded videos, photo captures, and Person Detection.. Subscription plans start at $3/month.

Is it worth upgrading to the Blink Mini 2?

If you own the original Blink Mini, you’ll see a bump in features in the newest model. Person Detection, the spotlight, and improved night-time footage top our list of favorites. And if you want an inexpensive outdoor camera, you can go wrong with this Gen-2 model. It’s affordable, has clear footage and stills, and works with your Amazon Alexa smart home hub.

If you’re happy with your OG model and don’t need the added boost in features, you can probably take a pass on this one.

The Blink Mini 2 is at Amazon, Best Buy, Target, and The Home Depot