You never knew you needed a smart nightstand until now

The modern-looking Homppa smart nightstand has a wireless charging station, USB-C outlets, and three drawers.

The best smart home deal today is smart furniture

We usually think of smart home devices as things like smart hubs and smart bulbs. Smart furniture is making a big entry in the tech world this year, adding a cool aesthetic to rooms while providing needed functionality.

Our best smart home deal today is this Hommpa LED nightstand. It’s fitted with a wireless charging stand on the top level to juice up your phone while you slumber. Next to that are USB-A and USB-C ports to charge laptops, tablets, watches, and other smart devices. In the nook below that, you’ll find a small cubby for books, personals, magazines, jewelry, or whatever you need to store. This smart nightstand also comes with three full-size drawers.

My favorite feature of the Hommpa nightstand is the LED light. You can leave it on all night and use it as a nightlight or turn it on for mood lighting.

This smart nightstand is controllable with a free app that connects to your devices over Bluetooth or an included remote.

smart home deal on a black smart nightstand


  • Available in black or white
  • Wireless charging station
  • USB-A and USB-C outlets
  • Controllable with Bluetooth app and remote
  • 3 storage drawers
  • Built-in LED light


  • Assembly required

The Hommpa LED smart nightstand is $140 $99 at Walmart