The Shark Matrix robot vacuum can handle anything and everything

Turn your everyday cleaning chores over to the Shark Matric robot vacuum. This little guy cleans up pet hair in an instant, handles hard floors and carpeting, and will be your new favorite smart home device.

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The Shark Matrix robot vacuum (model RV2310) will have you living the dream of never having to touch a vacuum cleaner again. The Matrix takes multiple passes over floor debris, ensuring not even a speck of dirt is missed.

This Shark model has super suction and captures everything from pet hair to dust to spills and dirt. The built-in brush roll even cleans itself.

With the 360-degree LiDAR vision, the Shark Matrix maps out your home so it’s able to intelligently move around furniture, pets, and other items in your house. And with the free SharkClean app, you schedule cleans and target rooms.

robot vacuum cleaning living area

This robot vacuum integrates with Google Assistant devices like the Google Nest Hub Max and Google Nest 2nd Generation and also works with Alexa smart home hubs, such as the Amazon Echo Show 15 and Amazon Echo. Once paired with your smart home hub, you can use your voice to set cleaning schedules, tell the robot vacuum to take a quick sweep of a particular room, and change vacuum settings.

The Robot Matrix works on hard floors, carpeting, and rugs, and it returns to its charging base without any intervention from you, topping off its battery, before returning to finish the job.


  • Cleans hard floors, carpeting, and rugs
  • Self-cleaning brush roll
  • Precision home mapping
  • Free app for scheduling
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Does not work with Apple HomeKit

Grab this robot vacuum on sale at Target and Amazon for $230