Best smart wallet 2024

Today’s best smart wallet is better for your body, budget, and security.

Gone are the days of carrying big trifold wallets that mess with your posture and back and stretch out your pockets. Today’s wallets are slimmer and trimmer and keep your safety in mind through their thoughtful design features.

Smart wallets fit easily in your front pocket and protect your cards and cash with things like Apple AirTag pockets, RFID blocking, and a tougher build.

These are our top picks for the best smart wallets this year.

MURADIN RFID smart wallet

MURADIN smart wallet in black

The MURADIN smart wallet comes in 29 colors and style choices, all with RFID-blocking protection. The aluminum frame is made of aviation-level materials, so it can stand up to long days, adventures, travels, and time. There’s a spring lock design that opens the wallet bi-fold style, and cards are easy to grab. This smart wallet has space for 12 cards and up to five bills.

The MURADIN smart wallet is on Amazon

FALAN Mule leather bifold

FALAN Mule leather smart wallet

You can choose from 40 colors when you go with the FALAN MULE small wallet. Made from genuine leather, this smart wallet has 14 RFID-blocked credit card slots, two SIM card slots, four clear windows, a full-length pocket for cash, and a zippered pocket for keys and coins. The FALAN MULE wallets are designed with cowhide lichee leather, so they get better looking over time.

The FALAN Mule bifold leather wallet is found on Amazon

Typecase AirTag holder and smart wallet

Typecase AirTag smart wallet

The Typecase smart wallet looks like a regular trifold wallet from the outside but has space to house an Apple AirTag on the outside. Should you misplace your wallet, you can use Apple’s Find My to see its exact location. The Typecase smart wallet has RFIT blocking, too, and it’s small enough to fit in a shirt pocket but large enough to hold up to 14 cards, an ID, and some cash.

Typecase’s smart wallet is on Amazon and Typecase

Oak Leathers minimalist front pocket wallet

Oak Leathers smart wallet

Oak Leathers makes this handsome, slim front pocket wallet for men and women in 25 colors. There’s room in this minimalistic smart wallet for one ID card, eight credit and debit cards, and a handful of bills. RDID security protects your cards and personal info from electronic theft while the thin design fits in any pocket or purse.

The Oak Leathers minimalist wallet is at Amazon

Puxnoin magnetic smart wallet

Puxnoin magnetic smart wallet

Puxnoin’s magnetic smart wallet holds fast to most smartphones and comes in six colors. Made of PU leather, it has a soft feel and repels moisture naturally. This magnetic wallet sticks to the back of most phones and easy to pull of when you need to pull out a card or your ID.

This magnetic smart wallet is on Amazon

Other smart wallets we recommend

Those are the best smart wallets your money can be if you want to protect your back, your cards, and keep tabs on your goods. They’re not the only wallets high on our list though. These wallets also make the cut this year.

  • Case-Mate magnetic cardholder with MagSafe at Best Buy, Case-Mate, and Target
  • The Unmoven money clip and RFID wallet at Amazon
  • iPhone FineWoven wallet with MagSafe at Apple
  • The Ridge titanium wallet at Best Buy
  • AUTLEY minimalist pop up wallet at Amazon