Google smart home deals

If you run a Google-centric household, you’ll want to click through these links to pocket savings on Google smart home deals. We’ve rounded up a collection of the best smart home products for Google fans. But hurry, these are going fast.

Google smart home hubs

Smart home hubs are the center of your Google-based operation. With a hub, you can use your voice to turn on smart bulbs, adjust the temperature on your smart thermostat, dim the lights, check the weather and your email, play some tunes, see who’s at the doorbell, and so much more.

Google Nest Hub 7” smart display

Google Nest Hub 7" in chalk white

The Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen has a bright 7-inch touchscreen on which you can scroll through your smart home settings, check the weather, cycle through tunes, track your sleep, watch movies, and more. The speakers sound great, sync with other Nest speakers and displays, and the modern design looks nice in any environment. There’s no camera in this model, so you won’t be able to video chat, but that doesn’t hold it back from being one of the best smart home hubs.

Get the Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen for $60 at Best Buy, Google Store, and Walmart

Google Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio speaker in black

Google Nest Audio is a premium smart speaker that is available in charcoal and white. It’ll stream your favorite tunes from YouTube, Spotify, SIRIUS, Pandora, and your phone. And with three microphones onboard, you can also use it to make and take calls and talk to people through your smart video doorbell. Adding two or more Google Nest Audio speakers gives you an inexpensive intercom system that allows you to send voice messages and announcements between rooms.

Google Nest Audio is on sale now for $70 at Best Buy, Google Store, and Kohl’s

Video doorbells

Google smart video doorbells come in wired and wireless varieties, and they both do the same thing: they help you see who is at your front door without needing to actually go to the door. Video doorbells are an inexpensive way to monitor your property, talk to people who ring your doorbell, and safeguard your home. Using your smartphone or a smart home hub, you can make changes to your field of view and use two-way talk to communicate with doorbell ringers.

Google Nest Doorbell Wired (2nd Generation)

Google Nest smart doorbell

The wired Google Nest doorbell is for those with existing doorbells. You can swap out your old dumb doorbell with this model and be up and running in less than an hour. This smart doorbell works with all Google Nest devices and hubs, your smartphone, and your tablet. The HD footage is clear and crisp, and the sound is excellent. And since there are no batteries to charge, you won’t have to babysit this model to make sure it hasn’t run out of juice.

The wired Google Nest doorbell is $150 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Google Store


Google watches have come a long way, and, unlike the Apple Watch, they don’t have an awkward rectangular shape. You can use these smartwatches to manage your smart home, tell the time, and keep tabs on your overall fitness.

Google Pixel Watch 2 (Wi-Fi)

Google Pixel Watch 2 in baby blue

The Google Pixel Watch 2 has a familiar-looking oval face and comes in four color options. With Fitbit sensors, you can take charge of your health, measuring your steps, heart rate, and sleep patterns. The battery lasts 24 hours, and controlling your smart home with a wearable device has never been so easy.

Find the Google Pixel Watch 2 for $300 at Best Buy and the Google Store

Google Pixel Watch 2 (LTE)

Google Pixel Watch 2 LTE in black

This Pixel watch has LTE coverage, so you can wear it to track your runs, follow GPS coordinates, and send and receive messages even when not connected to Wi-Fi. The Google Pixel Watch 2 LTE is 41mm, comes in blue or black, and has the same full-featured sensors found in the Wi-Fi version above.

Pay just $330 now at Best Buy and Google Store

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