This best-selling Echo Show 8 stand is clearance-priced

An Amazon Echo Show 8 stand elevates your smart home hub, saves desktop real estate, and allows you to swivel and tilt the screen to the perfect viewing angle.

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The 3rd-Gen Amazon Echo Show 8 is a powerful device. It streams your favorite movies, music, and TV shows and manages your smart home. You can use it to dim or turn smart bulbs off and on, check your security camera, answer the video doorbell, and perform thousands of other actions.

Still, there are times when everyone wishes they could tilt or swivel their smart home hub out of the sun’s rays or away from the glare of a lamp. Enter Amazon Echo Show 8 stands, small accessories that let you tilt and swivel your Echo Show 8 and free up space.

magnetic Echo Show 8 stand in black

Unlike most Amazon Echo Show 8 stands, which require some finagling to sit properly, the AutoSonic stand is magnetic. It latches on to the bottom of your smart home hub and holds it securely in place. No installation is needed.

With this stand, you can change the viewing angle of your 3rd Gen Echo Show 8 by tilting and swiveling it in the direction that works best. And because the AutoSonic stand lifts your device off flat surfaces, it also gives your Echo Show 8 better sound. That’s a win-win.

One word of caution: because this Echo Show 8 stand works with magnets, it does have limitations. For example, you cannot tilt your device completely downward without the magnets losing their hold. The hub is too heavy for that. It’s rare that you’d need to do that, of course, but it’s worth a mention.


  • Strong magnets hold your smart home hub in place
  • Available in black and white
  • Tilts and swivels
  • It gives your speakers improved sound
  • Well-constructed
  • Excellent value


  • You cannot tilt your Echo Show 8 completely downward

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