Elevate your HomePod 2 sound with a new stand

Apple HomePod stands and mounts for the second-generation model are finally hitting the market. Why would you need or want a stand?

Of course, using your Apple HomePod 2 with a stand is not a requirement. However, doing so can completely change how you hear movies and music. With a HomePod stand or wall mount, vibrations are minimized, and sound is lifted up for a richer listening experience.

Whether you’re using two HomePods as a surround sound setup for Apple TV or normally have a single speaker on your desk or nightstand, there’s a stand out there with your name on it.

Counlisha HomePod stand

real wood homepod stand

This sleek four-legged wooden stand fits the Apple HomePod 2. The legs are all wood and lined with slip-resistant silicone pads on the feet to prevent movement. A strong metal ring holds your smart speaker up, allowing the sound to fill up any room. This small stand frees up space on your desk, looks terrific, and comes in black walnut and white oak.

Available on Amazon

Rockville 36” bookshelf speaker stands

black and brown HomePod stand for dual speakers

For those who use their HomePods as a speaker set or double-up speakers to create an Apple-centric soundbar, we like these 36-inch bookshelf speaker stands. Your HomePods rest on top of each stand and stay there securely, thanks to rubber bottoms that stick to any floor or flat surface. Isolation pads on top of the stands keep your speakers from sliding around while the tunes are cranked.

These stands are on Amazon and Rockville

Elago HomePod stand for Gen 1 and Gen 2

black homepod stand and Apple HomePod 2

These simple and elegant stands are compatible with Gen 1 and Gen2 Apple HomePods and come in black and white. Your speaker lays horizontally on a bed of silicone, giving you easy access and better interactive touch control. And since your HomePod rests on this stand between the tweeter and woofer, there’s zero sound interference.

This HomePod stand is on Amazon and Elago

Floating corner shelves

floating corner shelves for speakers

This two-pack of round floating oak wood corner shelves from Gxcdizx saves space on your desktop or entertainment center by moving your HomePod to the wall. It’s a great home theater setup and works well in any office or family room. Each floating wood shelf is made of sustainably sourced oak and comes with a pipe-shaped bracket for a unique look.

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Mount Plus speaker floor stand

black speaker floor stand for Apple HomePod

The Mount Plus fixed-height floor stand fits the original HomePod and the HomePod 2. It has a solid steel base so it won’t tip over, a silicone pad to hold your HomePod in place, and an excellent cable management system that hides unsightly wires. It fits perfectly in a corner or around your smart TV.

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